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Free ground shipping on orders over $75

An unexpected gift delivery

Last month I traveled to NY to exhibit at the wholesale gift show at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan.

During the time that I was away from the studio in Oregon, we had several e-commerce orders and I asked Tricia in the office to email each one and let them know we would ship their purchases as soon as I returned with the jewelry.

One of the purchases was our Green Opal Leather Bracelet for a gentleman in New York and he replied and asked was there any way he could pick up the bracelet from me while I was in NY? Well to me Manhattan is crazy big so I sent message that I would be at the Javits center...Turns out he would be 3 blocks away at a meeting the very next day. Such a strange coincidence and serendipity for sure. He called when his meeting was done, walked to the Javits and I met him coordinating via text-I was so thrilled to find out it was a present for his wife...their 3rd anniversary and their son was born in October, the Opal birthstone. 

I couldn't have been prouder that he selected our handmade bracelet for such a special occasion and that I got to deliver it in person.

Here's is email back. "FYI, my wife loved the bracelet. It is "so her". Thanks again!"

So Happy.

New Beginnings

After a lot of hard work, we are finally ready with our new website, new photography, and new everything! I am so happy about the website makeover (thanks Hand Hugs), and all the great new photos (credit: Lacey Ward, and Jasmine Photography ). Please look through our new Gold, earring, and bracelet collections, and let us know how you like the new look.



Your abc’s for back to school

We just added our cubic zirconia initial pendants to our shop. Choose an initial from A to Z to add a bit of sparkle to your back to school look. They look great alone an a chain, or combined with your birthstone.

Good things come

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